June 16 -17,  2019 Rockford, IL

Prophetic dreamers

Prophetic Dreamers Founder


Erica has a passion to see the supernatural and prophetic become a natural part of every believer's life.  Erica and her team lead a 14,000+ member global online community that connects people with the heart of God through prophetic Dream Interpretation.

Prophetic Dream Interpretation


If you would like to learn how to interpret dreams, or you would like to have a dream interpreted, join Erica on Facebook!

Upcoming Events


Faith Center Church Rockford, IL -- June 16 - 17, 2019 

June  16  6-8 pm - Join us for a fun night of bible based dream interpretation, prophetic activation, teaching, and  worship.

You will be inspired and encouraged to hear Gods voice in dreams at this powerful event!

June 17 6-8 pm - Ladies DREAM Night - Bring your sisters and friends and join us for a night of prophetic dream interpretation and prophetic ministry.  Light snacks will be served 6 - 6:30 pm.  We can't wait to see you there!


                                                                                                 Welcome to My Prophetic Life!


Maureen - MN


  Since joining Prophetic Dreamers, I’ve seen how my life has a story and it’s covered in love. I used to view all my dreams through a lens of self-condemnation. In this group I felt the environment of love and saw how God’s heart applied to my dreams, which brought me great breakthrough in finding the truth of Jesus’ conversations with me while I sleep! I have grown leaps and bounds in confidently living as a daughter of God, as well as interpreting my own dreams, & for others! I now find excitement and joy in decoding my dream language and using it to connect with others.  

Chris - CA


Prophetic Dreamers has been the most positive surprise in my spiritual walk this past year.  

Not only does the site allow a safe, positive, and encouraging environment for users to develop their skills as interpreters, but I was blown away that real community could actually be developed online.  Erica Camacho and her leadership team have shown great stewardship of this forum, and I'm fortunate to say I have developed what I believe will be lifelong friendships here.  

Ghia - FL


  This group has provided a safe space to share dreams and receive feedback from an amazing group of believers based on God's word. I have grown in my interpretation gift since being a part of this community!   

Kathy - MI


  This group has helped me to continue in being confident that God does speak to me...and loves speaking to me in a variety of ways! 

This has helped me to be conscious of what he’s trying to tell me. Not only has this group helped me with dreams, but spoken prophetic truth over me.   I’ve had limited experience with that in my life but desire to keep learning more! It was no accident that I came across this group. 

Thank you, Erica!  

Marie - Austria


I've been dreaming nearly every night since I've joined this group!

Lana - South Africa


I asked the Lord to show me how the Body (church) function from His perspective and also how I fit into it.  

His next-day answer was this group!  I'm now flowing in how He put me together, sharing and learning about His gifts in and through us.  It has been so healing, freeing, and filled with joy for me!